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Triple SSS

Golf Tuition Technique

Learn the Triple S with Mark

The Triple S method has been perfected over many years by Mark to ensure that it can be applied to golfers of all ages and abilities to improve their style, technique and performance. By working closely with students, Mark enhances their individual qualities and characteristics, maximises their full potential and improves each player’s understanding of the sport.

Golf Tuition

Mark has over 40 years experience, having been taught by many of the game’s great teachers, such as John Jacobs, Bob Torrance, Bill Shankland, John Sharkey, John Stirling and Guy Hunt to name a few, all who have helped shape the way Mark now plays and coaches.

As well as having been taught by some legendary tutors, Mark continues to study the art of golf. By researching golf myths, beliefs and teaching theories, including those from Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Wayne DeFrancesco and Jeff Ritter, Mark has developed a broad and balanced approach to his playing and teaching methodologies.

Throughout his career, Mark has adapted his style and technique with the knowledge he has gained both on and off the fairway.  His style of play, in particular his swing, is very different to how he began his playing career. By taking the greatest knowledge from all his tutors and combining it with the best of his studies, Mark has formulated his winning belief myth, the Triple S method. Since devising this method, not only has Mark’s own game improved, he has had resounding success with the many amateurs and professionals he teaches.

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