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Like so many handicap golfers I love to play and also to watch golf. This could be live or even on YouTube!

Trying to work out what is the best and most efficient way to strike a ball properly. I believed all the teachers I had and have a very traditional swing path. How wrong I have been.

I now have one thought ‘the figure of 8 swing’ which sounds crazy but what a way to compress a ball and get true spin.

Don’t listen to me but go and get an hour with Wiggy to start your new swing and get results.

Peter Jones

I am pleased to say that Mark’s coaching and advice has greatly helped me improve my golf technique. As someone who has consistently struggled with a fade (and by that I mean slice!), Mark explained in simple terms the correct technique and easy drills which have helped me hit a straighter shot. I’m now even able to do a draw, something I’ve never been able to do before! Thanks Mark! Best wishes, Martyn Thompson.
Martyn Thompson